Back in August of 1988, Stablemates Jimmy Ruoff
and Marshall Kauffman were training together at the
Broadway Gym. They each fought on a Professional
Boxing Card at the Reading Municipal Stadium. After
their fights, they stood Ringside to watch the Main Event
featuring Reading's Steve Little.

It was 104 degrees outside that day. The Reading Boxers
put on a great show and all came away with a victory!!!

Marshall Kauffman has stayed active in the Boxing game
and owns KINGS Gym in Reading. He has become a world
class trainer and currently is training top contenders like former
Heavyweight Champion Hasim Rahman and Middleweight
Contender Tarvis Simms.

In 2007, Ruoff opened Joltin's Gym just outside of Reading, PA
and is training fighters now as well.

In this photo taken 20 years ago, both fighters were in top shape
and had a lot more hair than they do today.
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