On select Friday afternoons...we meet at the gym for an afternoon of sparring. We rotate sparring partners so each participant is in for 2 rounds then out for a rest. Each participant will spar any where from 8 to 12 rounds during the workout. We start "slow" and increase the intensity with our Progressive sparring program. Anyone can participate (beginners thru experienced boxers) but a certain level of boxing experience is required so first-timers may need to take some private lessons before joining "the club". It is a GREAT workout and a GREAT way to start your weekend.
Join the "fun" !!!
Friday Fight Club
Friday Fight Club
Joe Mariglio vs. Jim Ruoff (9/10/2010)
Pete Coldren vs. Jim Ruoff (9/10/2010)
Joe Mariglio vs. Pete Coldren (9/10/2010)