1-hour intense workout designed for anyone interested in a great workout with a Boxing theme. NO CONTACT, NO SPARRING. Learn some basic boxing techniques, train like a Professional Boxer. Sign up now for our Fall Class (10 1-hour Sessions for $155)
Other Programs Available
Boxing Bootcamp
JOLT - Speed, Strength & Agility
Youth Clinic
Speed, Agility and Strength Workout designed by Personal Trainer Pete Coldren. Ideal for young athletes (up to age 18) in the off-season to increase their overall strength, speed, endurance, agility for maximum performance in any sport. Get on the waiting list now for our next 10-Session Program (only $150 for 10 Workouts)
Our Youth Clinic is a 5-week Program (1 session per week, 1 hour each) designed to introduce the sport of boxing and teach the fundamentals of boxing to young athletes interested in learning the basics of boxing (ages 6 - 15). Great Exercise and FUN for the kids (Sparring is Optional...not required). Only $100 for the 5-week program (includes handwraps, jump rope and gym tee-shirt).
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